Mysecuretabs Review – Highly Recommendable Online Drugstore Network!

The network called Mysecuretabs is one of the best places to shop meds online. It is not like your average independent store—in fact, even if it looks like just another web pharmacy, it is actually called a network drugstore, which means that it is a group of similar looking online pharmacies having different web addresses.

What is the purpose of network sites like My Secure Tabs? It’s actually simple—these network pharmacies have one goal—to gather orders and forward them to their main website. The transition is so streamlined and quite seamless so consumers won’t notice that their orders were already forwarded to another website. Company/business owners find networks more lucrative since they are easy to maintain and do not cost as much as independent websites. Consumers may also find these network websites advantageous since they look the same and are easy to remember.

However, even if there are only advantages to using network platforms like My Secure Tabs, consumers should beware of illegal operators looking forward to scamming consumers by copying otherwise legitimate stores. Buyers should verify if the network store they are planning to use is legitimate and not a decoy website aimed to lure unsuspecting buyers.

Mysecuretabs Reviews

Overall, the reviews for the network My Secure Tabs are impressive—there were no negative reviews for this network platform and the worst of the comments were only slight complaints about deliveries delayed for several days. Otherwise, all of the consumer testimonials were positive about My Secure Tabs:

My Secure Tabs Reviews

According to Matthew, his delivery was OK. Although he did not care to expand his comment, it is assumed that he had a good My Secure Tabs experience since he had no complaints about the network.

Simona from the United States also declared her pleasure with My Secure Tabs and mentioned that her orders were delivered on time.

Kaiman, from the United Kingdom, wrote about the network’s navigability and mentioned that it was easy to use.

Smith had a brief comment and mentioned that he had a great experience with My Secure Tabs. He did not elaborate but seemed perfectly happy with his orders from the network.

Dorothy, from Adorra, also had a great experience with My Secure Tabs and mentioned that the network has dealt with her inquiries “very efficiently”. Apart from the good customer support, she also cited that the network had excellent prices for the medicines she needed.

Mysecuretabs Online

Consumers who would like to explore the network My Secure Tabs should only take a look at one of its websites since the content of one store easily applies to all the other network sites. All of the My Secure Tabs stores look the same and all of them are offering the same products and have the same prices for these products.

My Secure Tabs Storefront

According to the information on the My Secure Tabs network stores, they have served over 1 million customers worldwide since their founding in 1997. There is no doubt about that considering the network’s popularity with the consumers due to their low prices for the products.

My Secure Tabs stores only sell medicines, not like local pharmacy chain websites that function like grocery stores and sell food and other merchandise. My Secure Tabs stores are only concerned about distributing generic and brand name medicines sourced directly from manufacturers all over the world. Regarding their FDA approval, all of the medicines offered by My Secure Tabs stores are with FDA certifications, at least from the home countries of their manufacturers.

Prescriptions are not necessary but buyers are advised to consult their doctors before using any product from My Secure Tabs stores.

For payments, buyers may use their credit cards as long as they’re VISA and MasterCard. Customers don’t have to worry about hidden charges since My Secure Tabs stores are transparent with their charges upon checkout alone and won’t place additional charges when the sales are finalized.

Mysecuretabs Coupon Codes

It’s great that My Secure Tabs stores are offering voucher codes to their consumers, like the code below:

My Secure Tabs Voucher Code

Buyers are entitled to a 10% discount on their orders using the code IT-4572. This code is entered upon checkout and may be used by all customers. There are no special conditions for using this code.

My Secure Tabs Deals

Besides the coupon discount, buyers are also entitled to free shipping and free pills for their orders. Free shipping is available to consumers with orders more than $200 and free pills are given to all buyers. Bulk order discounts also await the customers, along with loyalty rewards.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

Buyers can contact the following numbers in case of concerns:

  • 4420 3239 7092
  • 1 718 487 9792

Besides these, customers can also use the My Secure Tabs’ messaging system found in the Contact Us section of each store.

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

My Secure Tabs does not have reports that would link it to scam and spam activities, which means that it is a benign network safe to use by the buyers.


Customers can use My Secure Tabs safely because it is trustworthy, as attested to by its long service history and its good testimonials. If you are considering online pharmacy shopping for your meds, we believe that My Secure Tabs network sites are a good choice considering their good prices for their products and their fast order turnaround. Overall rating for My Secure Tabs: 5 out of 5.